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The date you're booking is only a request till confirmed.  To avoid any disappointment, please fill in our general contact form to enquire what dates may be available before filling in this one. 

Parish Connection

Traditionally, people get baptised in their local parish church, or one with which they or their family have a specific strong connection. This information will help us direct you to the right place and people. 

About the Person to be Baptised (the Applicant)

This section, and those below, are to be recorded in our physical parish baptism registers, and the names and dates will appear on the baptism certificate you'll receive. 

About the Applicant's Parents

This information is for the parish registers and certificates.

About the Godparents

Godparents serve the role of (1) sponsoring the applicant into membership of the church and (2) helping to guide that person's journey as a Christian. For those reasons we require that godparents should themselves be baptised. 


It is customary to have at least two godparents (one male and one female), although four is also very common. If you have any non-baptised friends over and above the first two (baptised) godparents whom you would like to stand up in support, we are happy to discuss having them as honorary godparents. 


We strongly encourage you to think carefully about whom to choose, as the godparents are not simply honoured friends on the day; more specifically, they are taking a pledge and making a commitment to take an active, hands-on interest in your child's life (or yours, if you yourself are the Applicant!) for many years to come. Likewise, although there is no upper limit on numbers of godparents, we strongly discourage more than four because the godparent relationship is meant to be special, growing, meaningful, and life-long for the Applicant. 


If you have any questions or need guidance, please ask. 

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Just some housekeeping and legal requirements here.